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University Marketing and Communications

A strong visual identity strengthens Fresno State.

These guidelines bring together components necessary to communicate the Fresno State brand. These shared resources can help us all understand and implement the Fresno State identity with consistency. The visual identity guidelines offer insight into the creation of each element, as well as direction on their application.

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    University Brand Guidelines

    The university brand guidelines provide a powerful set of tools and components to convey the unique personality of Fresno State. They set the stage for storytelling and allow you to instantly establish an immediate connection to the brand.

    View the University brand components
  • Fresno State Athletics Brand Guidelines

    Athletics Brand Guidelines

    This manual has been developed specifically for individuals legally reproducing the Fresno State Athletics logos. When representing Fresno State Athletics, consideration must be given as to what images/designs are appropriate for certain products or usages. It is crucial that the Fresno State Athletics logomark be used consistently in ALL applications to ensure a cohesive identity program.

    View the Athletics brand components
  • Fresno State merchandise

    Trademark Licensing

    University trademarks have come to symbolize the passion of Fresno State alumni, fans, students and student-athletes. The university licensing program was established to ensure that these marks are used properly.

    Explore the licensing program