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University Marketing and Communications

Our Brand: A deep-rooted promise.

Fresno State’s mission is to empower students for success through a transformative education rooted in active service with diverse communities.

Everything we do is tied to students. With its local focus and global impact, Fresno State’s vision is to be recognized as a model for advancing social, economic and environmental progress regionally, nationally and globally by providing an accessible, transformative education; conducting research on critical issues; and producing a generation of diverse leaders.

The 2023-2029 Strategic Plan 2023 University Fact Sheet

Aerial view of the Fresno State campus

Where your Bulldog success story begins.

For Fresno State, the communications requirements of a brand go beyond normal consumer products and services, in part because additional scrutiny comes with the public academic charter and because the impact of a regional university touches so many different targets directly and indirectly.

University Values

Fresno State students cheering at a football game

We are a campus of opportunity, empowering students to write their own success stories.

With more than 100 years of excellence already, Fresno State starts its second century on the cusp of new beginnings and opportunities. Today, Fresno State is leading the way in Central California through innovation and by inspiring our students to think on higher levels and pursue their dreams. Here are a few things we're proud of ...

Pride Points