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University Marketing and Communications

Brand Pillars

Go forth, lead and succeed.

Fresno State implements bold, focused strategies designed to maximize success for our student body. In collaboration with community, we provide a transformative educational experience that prepares students to serve and to lead in the Central Valley, the state and beyond.

These brand pillars are strategies critical to telling our story. Our brand pillars focus on what Fresno State delivers and are typically more about benefits and differentiators. They provide a guide for your content; when creating copy or visuals, bring at least one of these pillars to life.


A living laboratory for developing student success

  • At Fresno State, high-impact practices are standard equipment to develop the whole student.
  • Our living laboratory is made more meaningful by applying these practices in one of the most diverse regions in the U.S., primed to shape the next generation of leaders in context of some of the nation’s toughest challenges and opportunities for solutions.
  • From engineering to agriculture, faculty and students are working across disciplines, using research to address regional challenges and find solutions.
  • Fueling our local businesses and organizations are Fresno State interns and volunteers, who approach new projects with enthusiasm and are ready to put their knowledge to work.

Students from every background discovering self and finding their calling

  • We know that our active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity increases awareness and empathy.
  • About 65% of Fresno State students are the first generation in their family to graduate from college. For others, the University is in their blood. As third or fourth generation Bulldogs, when it’s time to apply for college, the choice is easy — because Fresno State has been waiting for them all along.
  • We nurture cultural competence by championing diversity and welcoming all, maintaining a campus of respect, inclusion and equity where all members of the community thrive.

Academics and athletics rise together

  • The meaning of student success is redefined to include the whole student — developing those disciplines and critical thinking skills that best equip our students for what’s ahead no matter what their aim or industry.
  • Fresno State has one of the highest student-athlete GPAs in the nation.
  • Student-athlete graduation rates have increased three straight years.

University and community working as one to contribute to the prosperity of the region and world

  • 80% of Fresno State graduates stay in the region to have an impact.
  • Each year, students and their faculty provide over 1 million hours of service, volunteering in local areas to build our community.
  • Through study abroad service-learning projects, students help rebuild areas across the globe.

Here’s how alumni, friends and staff have described Fresno State in recent years.

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